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Most Popular Hairless Dog Breeds would be the best dogs for people who don’t like dog hair all over the house. Everyone knows a cat without hair, but not everyone knows a dog without hair. Some people like hairless cats, others like hairless dogs, especially those people who like clean and do not like dog hair everywhere at home. In addition to not losing hair, hairless dogs can also be used as a tool for warm quilts in winter. The editor of this article will introduce several hairless dogs and see if you have any of your favorite species. There is a kind of dog in the world that doesn't grow hair, which is called a Mexican hairless dog. His name tells me it's not hairy. The Mexican Hairless, otherwise known as the Zoroz Intelli, is a standard Mexican hairless dog, and it is also a bounty dog that was introduced to the descendants of Chinese hairless dogs in Mexico around the end of the 16th century. Except for a tuft of tufted hairs on the top of the head and some fluffy hairs on the long tail, the whole body is glabrous. Soft skin, pink, dark blue-gray or gray. They are loyal, alert, calm, trainable; like any good watchdog, they are wary of the energy levels of strangers; Mercy. My hairless dog likes to walk and play with the ball. It can get along well with children and other puppies. The other is the Chinese Crested Dog, although it's not very small, it has strong adaptability to the cold and cold of the climate. According to the study, the dog has its heating system, and the central nervous system can automatically regulate the body temperature. Its body temperature is about 2 degrees higher than the person, and the body temperature will also rise after eating. It is suitable for being accompanied by a child, is suitable for urban feeding, is not suitable for hot weather, is difficult to adapt to cold weather, and does not need to comb the hair frequently. After reading this article, do you think these dogs are very interesting? Enjoy learning more information about the most popular hairless dog breeds at!
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