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Large Dog Breeds would bring you both the feeling of safety and terrier, depends on the dog’s loyalty. These giant dogs breed usually have a huge body that is heavier than 50 kilograms and takes a longer time to become an adult dog comparing to other dog breeds. Usually, these large dog breeds are more than 60 centimeters high and are welcomed for hunter dogs and guard dogs. Some extra large dog breeds are so dangerous that they are not allowed to be kept in cities. Have you ever wondered what is the largest dog breed, and where to find these large dog breeds pictures and names? Answers to these questions are here at We have a list of large dog breeds, contains information about their breed names and physical information like body size and coat color. You can’t imagine how welcomed these large white dog breeds are! What is the largest dog breed in the world? People may have different judgment rules on the world’s largest dog breed. Some scientists will choose the largest dog breed in the world by the weight of adult dogs, others may consider the height. The largest dog in the world has a frightening height of 2.3 meters, that’s over 90 inches tall and taller than most people in the world. Some giant dogs are not only popular for family pets, they are also perfect hunting dogs and working dogs like rescue dogs. Saint bernard and Great dane are good examples. They are gentle giants who are large breeds and extremely strong. What are the best large dog breeds, or medium to large dog breeds? People who keep different large dogs will give different answers. Some large dog breeds that don’t shed, like Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, are welcomed. This is an American original dog breed, are famous for its classic traits of a good retriever: loyal, upbeat, affectionate, and tireless. Other giant dogs like Dutch shepherd are popular as police dogs and military dogs. They are as clever as human children. Of course, they have a giant body size of more than 21.5 inches in height and heavier than 45 pounds. Neapolitan Mastiffs are even larger. Their average height is between 24 and 31 inches, average weight between 100 to 150 pounds. That would be a tank in dogs! More information about dogs is available on our website. Check the large dog breeds list at!
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