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Different Types of Pit Bulls would make you confused and dazzling when the “pit bull ”word becomes more popular recently. Pitbull is not a dog breed. It’s often used to classify some purebred and mixed breed dogs. And the different types of pit bulls include Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pitbull Terrier (APBT), American Bulldog, and American Staffordshire Terrier. You might want to ask what were pit bulls bred for? Different types of pit bulls first originated in Britain. And they originally bred for fighting with other animals calling blood sports. After the blood sports were banned, these dogs were used to help people hunt and guard as man’s best friends and family companions. Unfortunately, pitbull-type dogs already have earned a very bad reputation and are banned in a large number of states by the breed-specific legislation. What is the pit bull temperament? Maybe we saw types of Pitbull's attack statistics and many serious biting incidents causing by Pitbull. Thus we regard them as an aggressive and dangerous dog breed. However, it doesn’t mean that this breed is too dangerous to keep one. With well-loved and properly training, pit bulls still can be adorable and mild dogs. Therefore, how we train our dogs and the environments they have always played an important role. If you are interested in Pitbull, come and browse the DogTheLove.com! you will learn about how long do pit bulls live, are pit bulls dangerous, and what is indestructible dog toys for pit bulls. You probably notice that there are two bull types. One is Rednose, and the other is Bluenose. These aren’t a separate breed, they are just a particular color of the purebred dog. These red nose dogs are easy to train and intelligent, especially their undying loyalty. They are suitable to be family pets. It is important to note however that we give them proper training and they will change a lot. As for Bluenose, they’re capable of remarkable feats and more adorable as well. With adequate energy and stamina, they can play with your whole families. What’s more, there is a series named pit bulls & parolees. The series also can introduce some information. Nowadays, pit bull breeds are more and more popular in the united states, at DogTheLove.com you will know more.
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