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Most Protective Dog Breeds would be the best dogs for most people. Dogs, as good friends of human beings, not only accompany us but also protect us. They have different body sizes and personalities and play a role in different occasions. In TV dramas, movies often see this kind of picture-thieves sneak into people late at night, be noticed by smart dogs, and drive out of their homes. It can be said that many times dogs are not only good friends of our human beings but also our loyal little knights. Today, the small group will come up with some of the most protected dogs! Let's take a look! Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a very ferocious dog, but the loyalty to the owner is very high. The Caucasian is one of the largest dogs in the world, one bigger than the Tibetan mastiffs. It has high hanging ears, deep eyes, apricot shape. The black nose is protruding, the nostrils are very open, and the coat is particularly thick. Doberman Pinscher is a medium-sized dog with a square figure. The body is compact, strong, endurance and speed. Elegant appearance, proud behavior, full of aristocratic temperament. Energetic, focused, determined, vigilant, bold, loyal, obedient. He is more alert and easy to train. Be very obedient to the master and take care of the house Border Collie is a very smart, alert and sensitive breed. Very friendly to friends and reserved with strangers, so he is a very good watchdog. They have great endurance, physical fitness, high speed, and high jumping ability, and can work long hours. Dogs are friends of mankind. They are witty and brave, faithful, reliable and understanding. In the United States, dogs are regarded as second only to human life, they are loved and respected by human beings. Dogs are not only American pets but also friends of Americans. It is because they are well educated that people rarely see wild dogs. Most people who want to have dogs get their pets through proper channels. We all know that dogs are the most loyal friends of mankind, and people often praise the stories or events of loyal dogs protecting their owners. Enjoy learning more information about most protective dog breeds at!
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