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All Dog Breeds

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Chihuahua:Breed Profiles,This sassy little dog has a super-sized personality. He knows what he wants and goes after it with single-minded determination.

Toy Group / XSmall

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:Breed Profiles,The Cavalier is a sweet, gentle, and affectionate breed, very eager to please their human.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Toy Group / Small

Cairn Terrier:Breed Profiles,The Cairn may be small, but he’s an active family member who wants to play and play.
Cairn Terrier

Terrier Group / Small

Coton De Tulear:Breed Profiles,The Coton de Tulear is a bright, happy-go-lucky companion dog whose favorite activities include clowning, cavorting.
Coton De Tulear

Non-Sporting Group / Small

Cane Corso:Breed Profiles,Smart, trainable, and of noble bearing, the assertive and confident Cane Corso is a peerless protector.
Cane Corso

Working Group / Large

Cocker Spaniel:Breed Profiles,The merry and frolicsome Cocker Spaniel, with his big, dreamy eyes and impish personality, is one of the world’s best-loved breeds.
Cocker Spaniel

Sporting Group / Small

Chinese Shar-Pei:Breed Profiles,This fascinating but challenging breed of ancient pedigree is steadfastly loyal to family but standoffish with strangers.
Chinese Shar-Pei

Non-Sporting Group / Medium

Czechoslovakian Vlcak:Breed Profiles,An alert, primitive canine that resembles a wolf in appearance. They are highly intelligent, powerful, active, loyal and devoted to its owner.
Czechoslovakian Vlcak

Foundation Stock Service Program / Medium

Collie:Breed Profiles,Collies are one of the best family dogs possible: they are devoted to the entire family, housetrain easily, and need less grooming than you’d think.

Herding Group / Medium

Chinese Crested:Breed Profiles,The hairless Crested is better known but if you prefer your dogs covered up, the Powderpuff variety is completely covered with soft, silky hair.
Chinese Crested

Toy Group / XSmall

Carolina Dog:Breed Profiles,The Carolina Dog is a dog of medium build, and it is generally shy and suspicious in nature.
Carolina Dog

Hound Group / Medium

Chesapeake Bay Retriever:Breed Profiles,The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is an American original who embodies the classic traits of a good retriever: loyal, upbeat, affectionate, and tireless.
Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Sporting Group / Large

Cardigan Welsh Corgi:Breed Profiles,Affectionately called the “yard-long dog” in his native Wales, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is active and good-natured — and he loves to be busy.
Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Herding Group / Small

Canaan Dog:Breed Profiles,This medium-sized herding dog is an intelligent, independent thinker with natural watchdog instincts.
Canaan Dog

Herding Group / Medium

Chow Chow:Breed Profiles,Independent and dignified, the Chow usually attaches himself to one person even though he will have affection for the whole family.
Chow Chow

Non-Sporting Group / Medium

Chinook:Breed Profiles,The Chinook was originally bred to be a sled dog and, although he still excels at mushing, he’s an equally good family dog.

Working Group / Large

Clumber Spaniel:Breed Profiles,This medium to large-sized spaniel is sweet and gentle, with a deceptively laid-back appearance and a wicked sense of humor.
Clumber Spaniel

Sporting Group / Medium

Catahoula Leopard Dog:Breed Profiles,The hard-working Catahoula Leopard Dog, the official canine of Louisiana, was developed to catch and drive wild hogs and cattle to market.
Catahoula Leopard Dog

Herding Group / Large

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