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All Dog Breeds

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Labrador Retriever:Breed Profiles,The Labrador Retriever is good-looking, smart and fun-loving, and also is an enthusiastic hunter with a good nose and a soft mouth.
Labrador Retriever

Sporting Group / Medium

Lhasa Apso:Breed Profiles,His alert and somewhat suspicious nature make him an excellent watchdog. He is adventurous, intelligent, spunky and independent.
Lhasa Apso

Non-Sporting Group / Small

Lancashire Heeler:Breed Profiles,The Lancashire Heeler is a medium to high energy dog. Intelligent, alert and friendly, they are quick to learn new tasks.
Lancashire Heeler

Herding Group / Small

Lagotto Romagnolo:Breed Profiles,Lagotto Romagnolo, this curly-coated dog is an Italian truffle hunter who is generally smart, energetic and fun-loving.
Lagotto Romagnolo

Sporting Group / Medium

Lakeland Terrier:Breed Profiles,The mischievous Lakeland struts like a rooster and has a sense of humor second to none. He is also friendly, confident and bold.
Lakeland Terrier

Terrier Group / Small

Leonberger:Breed Profiles,The Leonberger is a big, gentle, sweet dog. He is loyal and trainable if he receives plenty of early socialization.

Working Group / XLarge

Lapponian Herder:Breed Profiles,Lapponian Herder is calm, friendly, and energetic. They can fit into most living environments as long as they are given jobs to do.
Lapponian Herder

Herding Group / Medium

Lowchen:Breed Profiles,Lowchen is a cute, charismatic little dog who loves to clown around and be the center of attention.

Non-Sporting Group / Small

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